Spirit Run - The Most Fun You've Ever Had In Your Car!
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Louisville's Ultimate Puzzle Hunt Adventure

Spirit Run is a puzzle hunt game that explores different areas of town that make Louisville special. This game will have less driving and more puzzle solving as you explore the culture and spirit of Louisville, Kentucky. It's the Most Fun You’ve EVER Had...SOLVING PUZZLES!

DISTANCE: Less than a gallon of gas (mileage is a secret!)
**All games are private - You will never play with strangers**

Puzzle Hunt Louisville


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Why Play Spirit Run?

Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

Spirit Run puzzles require you to see things differently and “think outside the box”. It forces you to think about something other than reality and unleash your creativity together.

Strengthens Relationships

Spirit Run will require and reward collaboration. By working together and jointly solving puzzles, you can improve your relationship with a friend, family member, significant other, or spouse. The benefits of teamwork and collective success extend beyond the game.

Better Alternative to Traditional Entertainment

Spirit Run is an active and immersive entertainment rather than passive and observational. The game is interactive and challenges you to observe, think, share, debate, and collaborate. You get to have an adventure, not watch one.

Exercises your Problem-Solving Skills

Spirit Run will have a variety of different types of puzzles, challenging the creativity, analytical skills, and communication skills of the players. Some may be easy, while others are complex. Plus, it is proven that puzzle-solving is good for mental health!

Helps with Communication Skills

Spirit Run puzzles are interactive and require two or more teammates to solve. This requires open sharing of insights and conjecture within your group. Often, failing to complete a puzzle or a poor experience can be traced back to challenges with communication. The team succeeds or fails together.

Boosts your Confidence

Even if you don’t “beat” Spirit Run, overcoming the puzzles provides a great sense of accomplishment. Spirit Run can be a great way build confidence as you share awesome moments together.

It’s Fun!

This one is a no-brainer, but yes playing Spirit Run is fun! Spirit Run provides all these benefits – but the best thing is you will have a blast during the experience! So come take on the challenge – you’ll have a great time, embrace your talents, and enhance your relationships on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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